Ceramic Tiles

Images from the South-East of England

This series of ceramic tiles were made from sketches taken during visits to various locations in the south-east of England with the Liminal Arts Network – a group of Sussex artists. The sketched images were carved into clay tiles and glazed using a raku process.

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LAN Tiles at HAF

LAN Tiles (A)

LAN Tiles (B)

LAN Tiles (C)

Hastings Pier

These tiles show images reproduced from photographs of Hastings Pier before and after the fire in October 2010.

Hastings Pier

“Ich bin Berliner”

This table comprises a series of ceramic tiles created from sketches and photographs taken during a visit to Berlin. Some of the tiles represent images from Sachsenhausen, the Nazi German concentration camp in Oranienburg, north of Berlin.

Berlin Table

Florentine Girl

From a photograph taken near the Ponte Vecchio, Florence.

Florentine Girl


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