Female figures

Kneeling Figure – mould project

This shows a series of ceramic casts created from a plaster mould. The mould was taken from a clay original. Each cast has been treated in a different way to create a variety of ceramic pieces using different glazes and finishes.

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Ceramic coil-built torso 55cms in height. Pictured here before the final finish which was a cold bronze application with a verdigris patina.


 Ceramic with bronze finish (35 cms)



Unglazed ceramic. Originally commissioned for a Greek-themed celebration. (20 cms on black slate plinth)

 Smoke-glazed ceramic (25 cms)


“Med I”

Plaster & steel (55 cms) Inspired by the work of Aristide Maillol

Glazed ceramic (25 cms [height])

 “Lemon & lime”

Ceramic with a slip glaze. (50 cms) 

 “Water’s Edge”

Simple ceramic ‘sketch’ (about 18 cms in height). Smoke-fired finish.


 An early figure, shown here before firing. The eventual finish was a bronze application. (About 45 cms in length)

 “Med II”

Raku-fired ceramic





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